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Individual Room Heating Control - Municipality House Kromeriz, Czech Republic


During 2017, our system Tecomat Foxtrot was implemented as an individual room heating control and control of the whole heating sources - gas boilers in the Municipality House in city Kromeriz, the Czech Republic. The implementation had been done by our customer - company Micronic Prerov. The main goal of the control was reaching the most savings of energy consumption together with maximum temperature comfort for employees.

This is one of the projects of company Micronic Prerov (www.topenichytre.cz) which brings energy savings, storage of measured and operation data via wide data evidence. The data are used for analysis and optimization of building operation.

An interesting news, used in this project is using CIB bus glass touch wall devices with LCD display. The devices are customizable and the design (icons, colors and even logo of the investor) was created according to customer needs.

New glass touch controller brings easy user control via 6 touch surfaces with icons, supported by color LEDs indicating different operation statuses and display, which shows measured and required temperature and can display even other values according to customer needs. In this building, there are 89 controlled rooms. 80 of them are equipped by glass touch controllers. In a total, there are controlled 119 thermovalves. Zone control is connected with control of gas boiler heating system with few heating circuits.

The whole system can be, beside of glass touch devices controlled and managed by graphic visualization. There can be more accesses to the system - admin and users with different access rights.