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Monitoring of electricity and water consumption in the Al-Mhrmi Mosque


The Tecomat Foxtrot control system was implemented at the Al-Mhrmi Mosque in Abu Dhabi for detailed monitoring of electricity, water and CO2 consumption.

Electricity consumption is measured with the help of 17 electricity meters and water consumption with the help of 6 water meters. There are also 10 sensors for CO2 monitoring. The Reliance SCADA system was implemented here for the highest level of monitoring.

The Tecomat Foxtrot control system monitors and controls all electrical circuits in the mosque and enables the archiving of various information on electricity consumption for different periods of time. Both the total consumption and the consumption of selected electricity meters.

The water consumption measured by 6 water meters can be clearly displayed by the building manager in one window on the monitor. According to the selected parameters, the system calculates the water consumption in different parts of the mosque for different periods of time.