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System Tecomat Foxtrot in heat pumps ACOND for blocks of flats - Milevsko, Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic, Milevsko
  • Name: System Tecomat Foxtrot in heat pumps ACOND for blocks of flats - Milevsko, Czech Republic
  • Date: 2012
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic
  • Implemented by: ACOND a.s.

Company ACOND brings its customers advanced solutions in ventilation systems and heat pumps for 40 years.

Company ACOND is our OEM partner, using for control of its heat pumps our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. They are using all advantages of free programming control functions, creating any graphic user interface and remote maintanace and monitoring via our service TecoRoute.

Company ACOND offers beside of standard heat pump also unique product line of heat pumps for blocks of flats, which enables its residents significant decreasing of heating costs.

One implementation of such heat pump is installation in block of flats in Milevsko, Czech Republic. During 2012, this block of 40 flats has terminated consumption of heat from centralised heat delivery (heating plant). The heating plant argued by expert´s opinion that the price of heat from heat pump will cost about 600 CZK per GJ (about 22,2 EUR per GJ). But plant expert was fault and real price of heat after installing heat pump was during 2014 284 CZK per GJ (about 10,5 EUR per GJ). During 2015 the residents invested in additional roof insulation what will bring an additional price descreasing.

Residents of block of flats are saving about 50% of costs for heating, but they are also saving heat losses on water circulation from heat exchange station. These losses has been stopped, because the heat is produced directly in the place of consumption. Because thay used a heat pump specially developed for block of flats (and not outside A/C units), the savings are so high and the run is almost noiseless.

Because this technology is interesting and becomes very popular, even Czech Minister of Environment has visited this project. 

According to Mr. Vanecek (chief of Cooperative Residents), residents of 4 bedroom flats payed in 2014  a year cost of heating less then 2 700 CZK (100 EUR).