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Technologies control and visualisation in office building, Iraq


In Erbil, Iraq, there is a two-storey office building in which the Tecomat Foxtrot control system controls all office technologies - lighting, blinds, sound, camera and security system.

Lighting control
There are many large and small lights in each office. Office users can easily set the desired lighting level with the help of touch wall controls on office walls or from their phone / tablet.

Blind control
The blinds can be operated individually or in preset groups. In this case, all can be controlled at once or in groups according to individual floors.

Office security
There are many rooms in the building and some of them can only be accessed by some employees. The Tecomat Foxtrot system allows control when entering them with the help of RF ID cards that employees have. In addition, all information about entering the various rooms is stored in a database.