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Technology management and monitoring in the Meydan Mall, UAE,


Implementation: NIRSUN company

The Tecomat Foxtrot control system in the modern Meydan Mall shopping center controls and monitors all technologies from air conditioning, smoke detectors, fire alarms, elevators and much more.

Air conditioning control

With the help of a user-friendly system, users can control all the air conditioning units in the mall. They can set the desired temperature and the air conditioning then works automatically or they can control its output themselves.

Lighting control

With the help of one system, all lighting in the shopping center can be controlled.

Smoke gas monitoring

The Tecomat Foxtrot system and SCADA Reliance enable clear monitoring of all fans from a laptop or mobile phone.

Pumps monitoring

Tecomat Foxtrot with the help of the Reliance SCADA system also enables convenient monitoring of water tanks and drainage pumps

Monitoring of circuit breakers and fire protection systems

The values ​​of all circuit breakers in the building can be clearly monitored on one panel, as well as information on the electrical voltage. The system also allows the evaluation of the condition of fire protection systems.

Monitoring of elevators and other technologies

The Tecomat Foxtrot system also enables the monitoring of lift alarms and their energy sources. In conjunction with the Reliance SCADA visualization system, it is also possible to clearly monitor other technologies in the building, including the security system and the related rules of access to various parts of the building.