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Control of the gas treatment and cleaning process at company TisaGaz - Ukraine


Company CP profikom delivered a full technology for gas treatment and cleaning, which is controlled by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot. The delivery contained project designing, technology control preparation, implementation of control system, debugging and final running.

The technology is controlling cleaning of gas CH4 after the gas has got rid of undesirable ingredients. Gas quality is continuously evaluating according to gas analyzers from company COOPER Crouse-Hinds E1H21. System Foxtrot with central module CP-1005 is reading values from these gas analyzers and use them for gas treatment.   

This technology was implemented at gas well in Rusovske Komarovce region in West Ukraine.

Controlled processes:

  1. Pressure and quantity of gas at input to cleaning technology 
  2. Pressure and quantity of gas at input to gas tanks (2 c) for gas treatment
  3. Pressure and quantity of gas at output of cleaning technology
  4. Valves position controlling the pumpng over among the tanks

Modules used in the technology:

  • central module Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1005
  • expansion modules IR-1501 and IT-1604