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Control System of polymerization reactor Hagemann II


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Control system of polymerization reactor Hagemann II
  • Implemented by: PROTECO s.r.o.
  • Date: 2003
  • Control System: 1x Tecomat NS950
  • Software: 1x Reliance 3 Runtime Control with 1,500 data points

The Synpo company was founded in 1952 as a state-owned Research Institute for synthetic resins and coatings and it has been the leading center of applied research and development in polymers ever since. 

In 2003, a new Control System with the Reliance SCADA was implemented for reliable control of polymerization reactor Hagemann II. Reliance provides control of chemical reactions in the reactor. During the process of polymerization, the following are controlled within the reactor:

  • Mixer speed
  • Temperature of the mixture in the reactor
  • Dosing of chemicals used during the process of polymerization

The full reference you may read at www.reliance.cz.