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Control System of the galvanizing process in Galvanika Pribram


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Control System of the galvanizing process
  • Implemented by: AITEC s.r.o.
  • Date: 2007
  • Control System: 1x Tecomat NS950
  • Software: 1x Reliance Runtime Control with 250 data points

CVP s.r.o. Galvanika Pribram was founded in 1992. CVP s.r.o. has become a strong supplier for the automotive industry since its beginning. Currently, the company provides metal surface finishing for more than 350 different customers. The largest customers of CVP s.r.o. are American General Motors and Ford, German Volkswagen and Czech Skoda. 

A complete reconstruction of two galvanizing lines was carried out in 2007. The reconstruction also included implementation of the new SCADA-based Control System. SCADA/HMI system Reliance along with a Tecomat NS950 PLC device were chosen for reliable control of the galvanizing lines. The reconstruction of the galvanizing lines and the installation of the new Control System were carried out by Czech company AITEC s.r.o.

The full reference you may read at www.reliance.cz.