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Expansion of Black Sea terminal for gas transshipment


  • Country: Georgia - Kulevi, Black Sea
  • Description: Expansion of Black Sea terminal for gas transshipment
  • Realization: Polyexport Tbilisi, Teco a.s.,
  • Year: 2012
  • Control system: 1x Tecomat TC700
  • Software used: Mosaic, Reliance

Azerbaijan state company SOCAR decided to enlarge the transshipment capacity of its Black Sea Terminal in Georgia for the liquid gas. Concerning the control system it means to add new control panel with Tecomat TC700 into the network of 17 controllers spread over the whole terminal territory.
The control panel was designed by Georgian company Polyexport.

The assembling of the control panel was succesfully finished by the FAT test in Teco in Kolin in the end of November 2012. We bring you several pictures from this event.