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Fire cylinder filling process control - United Arab Emirates


  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Name: Filling machines FM200 - United Arab Emirates
  • Implemented by: Firex Technologies 
  • Date: 2017
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic

Company Firex Technologies from United Arab Emirates is using our system Tecomat Foxtrot to automate extinguishing cylinder filling process in machine FM200.

System Foxtrot brings these features:

  • Ability to filling the cylinder manually and this is selectable using the software or by hardware button.
  • The filling process parameters are tunable by the user through the software
  • Process information printing functionality

System functions

The system has the following operating modes:

  • Manual mode: this mode is set by the mode hardware button in the hardware control panel. The user can operate the valves manually using switch buttons in the hardware panel. When this mode is on, the software will have no function and will show the following window that is showed in figure 1.
  • Auto mode: this mode is selected by set the mode button in the hardware panel to auto mode. This mode actually means that the software user interface will have the control of the system and this interface also offers two operating modes:
    • Auto mode: the process is fully automated. The starting and the requirements of the process are all controlled by the software.
    • Manual mode: the user can run the process manually using the software. This mode provides the feature of operating the system manually and monitoring the weight and pressure values remotely.

User interface

The user interface consists of two main parts, the first is the visualizing window that contains visual components simulating the filling process elements. 

The second part is the control panel which be used by the user to go on through the process and insert the required values.