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Metal scrap cutting machine control - Budapest, Hungary


  • Country: Hungary
  • Name: Metal scrap cutting machine control - Budapest, Hungary
  • Implemented by: Szinusz Épületautomatika Kft. 
  • Date: 2014
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic

MÜ-GO Ltd is one of the biggest metal scrap recycling company in Hungary. The main profile of the company is handling, grouping and recycling of the metal scrap. The main plant is located in city Budapest on area of 32 m2 and it processes around 100 thousands tons of metal per year.

The hydraulic cutter cut the pre-selected steel scrap for a proportional sizes. For this purpose the company uses one 850 tons shear power hydraulic cutter produced by HENSCHEL. The machine was waiting for the modernization for a long time, because the mistakes of the old control caused breakdowns day by day. The control was prepared with a relay and wire logic connection.

New control system has been implemented by company Szinusz Épületautomatika Kft., our distributor in Hungary. The old sensors and actuators have been left, only the central logic has been changed. For purpose of the total process control and status-monitoring they have chosen central module Foxtrot CP-1004 and TCL2 expansion modules.  

They changed and refreshed the original operator surface. They can follow the working steps, statuses of the machine on a web-supported user surface (tablet). The tablet makes the possibility for an easier maintenance, because now we are able to monitor the machine personally and we can reduce the time of the breakdowns. 

A list of installed functions and services:

  • real-time control, monitor of the input and output data
  • manual and automatic modes
  • service function
  • monitoring of the level and temperature of the hydraulic oil
  • working hours counting
  • full process control

Used modules of system Tecomat Foxtrot:

  • 1 x CP1004
  • 2 x IB-1301
  • 1 x IR-1501
  • 2 x OS-1401