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Other references - Machine industry


Metal forming machines

Spot-Facing Milling Cutter for Production of Shaft Components - CZ.Tech Čelákovice

Honing machine for polishing of spheric surfaces of internal ball races, control and service through graphic operator panel - ZKL Praha

Reconstruction of milling machine from TOS Čelákovice - Jihostroj Velešín

BUC grinding machine general overhaul - Hol - Monta s.r.o. Praha

BHU-A, BUB grinding machine general overhaul, supplies to Germany - Hol - Monta s.r.o. Praha

BUB CNC grinding machine general overhaul, supplies to Germany - Hol - Monta s.r.o. Praha

Hydraulic presses with Tecomat control system - HŠV Polička

Press position control - Johnson Controls Stráž pod Ralskem OKD Bastro Ostrava

Boring and milling machine WHN13.8 - TOS Svitavy

Grinding machine for all-purpose chuck jaws - Tribometal a.s., Dolný Kubín, Slovensko

Bearings production line, 9 machines - Tribometal a.s., Dolný Kubín, Slovensko

Feeding equipment for light-walled bearings PZTL-125 - Tribometal a.s., Dolný Kubín, Slovensko

Chamfering machine for axial bearings TLAX-120 - Tribometal a.s., Dolný Kubín, Slovensko 

Milling machine wiring reconstruction - PEWAG Vamberk

Reconstruction of machine for milling of toothed wheels - Jihostroj a.s. Velešín

Jig boring machine BKOE, modernization - Kinc s.r.o. Sezimovo Ústí

Wire straightener and cutter DRD-8 - Kovopol a.s., Police nad Metují

Automatic sawmill machine - Kovosvit Sezimovo Ústí

H100 machine box reconstruction - MAX BOLL, Lörach, Rakousko

PEDERSEN press workplace control - TRIMCO s.r.o., Stráž pod Ralskem

FLP 2200 milling machine - TOS Varnsdorf a.s.

UONROLL grinder - TOS Varnsdorf a.s.

Horizontal boring machine W100 - FERMAT JaF STROJE s.r.o., Prakovce, Slovensko

Horizontal boring machine W100 - GROUP VENTURE EUROPE, Praha

Horizontal boring machine W100 - OMNITRADE MACHINERY, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada

RUMAC milling machines - ROELEX BOHEMIA, spol.s.r.o.

Car industry

Boring and pressing machine VL2 - PAL a.s., Praha, Kbely

VL1 machine enhanced cycle - PAL a.s., Praha, Kbely

Single-purpose machine for automatic assembly of windscreen wiper levers - PAL a.s., Praha, Kbely

Service time tester of safety hook of hood for Škoda Superb - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

FABIA, OCTAVIA,FELICIA Tester for locks A141A, A141B, A151, A151A, A161 - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

OCTAVIA Tester for controlling lock of the 5th door - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

FABIA Tester for the 5th door - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

Integrated lock tester - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

FABIA - Hood lock tester UK4 - BRANO a.s., Hradec nad Moravicí

High capacity magazine for semi-finished products - Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav

ŠKODA OCTAVIA - assembly line for bulb holders - Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav

FORD TRANSIT - assembly line for bulb holders - AUTOPAL Nový Jičín

ŠKODA - 2 testing devices for lamps - tightness and function - AUTOPAL Nový Jičín, Rychvald

FORD TRANSIT - 3 testing devices for lamp tightness - AUTOPAL Nový Jičín, Rychvald

FORD FOCUS - 32 testing devices for lamp tightness - AUTOPAL Nový Jičín, Rychvald

Honing machine for piston rings - Buzuluk Komárov

Machine for machining of piston rings - Buzuluk Komárov

Control of moulding machine for sand moulds in moulding boxes - Buzuluk Komárov

Control of blow machine for production of shell moulds from special sand mixture - Buzuluk Komárov

Control and measurement in production of sound insulating materials - VestIzol, a.s. Nové Zákupy

Control of galvanizing line for Zn-Fe coating Škoda FABIA starters - Magneton Kroměříž

Washing and drying machine for transport packaging KLT - BOSCH Diesel Jihlava

Surface finish

Combined galvanizing line - OEZ Letohrad

Galvanizing line for accumulator components - SAFT Ferak a.s., Raškovice

Full reconstruction of NiCr line, disposal station reconstruction - METAL a.s. Znojmo

Ni hinge and drum line reconstruction - DUP Pelhřimov, Nový Bydžov

Anodizing line - AERO Vodochody

Galvanizing line - Elektro Bečov nad Teplou

Galvanizing line - hinge line, zinc and neutralization station - Šroubárna Ždánice

Galvanizing bath - hinge, drum, waste water disposal station - GALVAN CZ s.r.o. Ostrava

Rubber industry

Control of vulcanizing presses 63.5", 75", 88" (8x) - MITAS a.s., Praha

Bumper cord cutting line - MITAS a.s., Praha

Building unit 03811 - MITAS a.s., Praha

Monitoring system for presses, furnaces and other machinery - Prokeš&Co. s.r.o., Nový Bydžov

Curing press 100t, 3x - temperature control, machine timing and control - Prokeš&Co. s.r.o., Nový Bydžov

Hand presses - temperature and vulcanizing time control, 3x - TF PRESS, s.r.o., Horní Radečná

Rubber mixture cooler - Rubena Náchod

Control of continuous vulcanization of rubber products - GUMOTEX Břeclav a.s.

Textile industry

Packing machine - SITO s.r.o. Starý Pelhřimov

Parting maching for bonded fabrics - SITO s.r.o. Starý Pelhřimov

Machine for fabric folding MS-2 - VÚB a.s. Ústí nad Orlicí

Vascular prosthesis production line - Výzkumný ústav pletařský a.s. Brno

Breaker card hopper feeder - EKOTEX s.r.o. Ivančice

Other machines

Cooling tower control, compressor cooling - Temac a.s. Zvěřínek

Compressor station - control of 8 ATMOS compressors - MELZ, Moskva, Rusko

Compressor station - control of 3 ATMOS compressors - AGMA a.s. Praha

Automatic stores for steel storage - G + S Metal Kladno

Continuous lift shelf control system - WELDING s.r.o., Chvaletice

Pressure-gauge membrane inspection machine - ALCO Controls s.r.o. Kolín

Single-purpose machine for assembly of painting apparatur rollers - SCHULTE Štětí

Single-purpose machine for winding fabric on painting rollers - SCHULTE Štětí

Machine for forming and cutting of insulation SUV-3 - MLS Holice

Door tester, opening and closing speed control - FIRES s.r.o., Batizovce, Slovensko