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Rubber welding machine – Slovakia


  • Country: Slovak Republic
  • Name: Rubber welding machine
  • Implemented by: Slovteco
  • Date: 2014
  • Control system: Tecomat TC700

Our control system TC700 control system was installed in 2014 by company Slovteco to control a welding machine used for rubber part welding. This machine was designed for thermal welding of variously shaped rubber products.

The entire assembly consists of 6 identical machines which function independently. The welding machine is equipped with four welding jaws heated with a spiral coil to the prescribed temperature.

Jaws move in vertical direction and grip the product that is to be welded and by pressing both parts together the welding is completed. After the set welding time expires, the jaws will open and a flashing green light will indicated completion of the work cycle.

The control system consists of the central unit CP-7004 and 15” rack fully stacked with input and output modules, and provides heating and controls the temperature of each jaw. The movement of jaws is handled by pneumatic cylinders. Positions of cylinders are retroactively monitored and their positions are evaluated. If a discrepancy in the desired position occurs, and error is reported by a red light, the machine returns to its initial position and the error text is displayed on the ID 08 display.