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Temperature monitoring in refrigeration appliances at Al Dar Sweets - United Arab Emirates


Realization: Neptune UAE

The Tecomat Foxtrot control system monitors the temperature inside three refrigerators and one freezer at Al Dar Sweets in Abu Dhabi.

This company produces luxury desserts of the highest quality, and all ingredients for production must be stored under precisely defined conditions and temperatures. As soon as the situation arises that the temperature in the cooling equipment deviates below the permitted standards, the staff will receive an immediate notification thanks to our system. This situation can occur, for example, in the event of a power outage or improper closing of refrigerator or freezer doors by staff.

Basic system functions:

The temperature inside the cooling appliances is measured every 10 minutes and the measured values ​​are stored in the system and also sent to a specified person by email. The measured values ​​are stored in a database that is available for possible future use, for example during an audit. When the temperature deviates from the desired values ​​set by the user, an alarm is immediately triggered and the owner receives a notification on his mobile device