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Automated thermo gatekeeper AgeVolt with central unit Teco inside


During Covid-19 epidemic times, new intersting product from our Slovak customer appeared on the market. It is Automated thermo gatekeeper that manages the entry into the building considering the skin temperature and maximum number of people inside. 

Agevolt Thermo has been developped by Slovak Jan Zustiak, who has long experience with smart home technologies. It is the second product of AgeVolt brand, targeting on innovative products. The first one AgeVolt product is smart charging stations system for electric vehicles, which manage optimization of charging according to present consuption of the building, capacity of the wiring and circuit breakers. 

How AgeVolt Thermo works?

AgeVolt Thermo is based on Teco products. The heart of the system is control module CP-1000. Grid-eye sensor (C-IF-6400R) measure the visitors temperature. The doors can be opened in the case that visitor´s temparature is allright, without fever. Thanks to infrared gates system can monitor number of visitors inside the space and when the maximum number of visitores is reached, the gates stay closed. Installing is very easy, thanks to Plug&Play solution the is no need to install anything, just connect to electricity socket.   

Functionality extension

„The product can be flexible adapted to conditions of various spaces and operations. Thanks to our experiences with building energy management we can extend the system with additional functionality like advanced eletric energy metering, battery system for compensation of building load peaks, monitoring of reserved input power or electric vehicles charging system,“ noted Zustiak.