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Control of technologies in entertainment park Permonium - Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic, Oslavany
  • Name: Control of technologies in entertainment park Permonium - Czech Republic, www.permonium.czwww.vezkukla.cz
  • Date: 2010-15
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot
  • Software: Mosaic
  • Implemented by: Axomer, Petr Postránecký
  • Photo: Axomer, Teco-Josef Šiška

Introduction of the Permonium

The mining tower is surrounded by entertainment park for both children and adults. On the area of 6 000 square meters, divided into two levels, there are placed 26 various amusements, called by mineworkers slang. In these amusements there is an interactive game „Magic Permon“, controlled by high tech technologies (system Tecomat Foxtrot). Visitors can find the largest labyrinth in the Czech Republic, imitating mine tunnels, mine lake, volcano connected with rope park, virgin forest, old mining workplace and real mining tunnels, equipped by other facts and entartainment activities.

Very famous are rope activities - two levels rope center with 275 meters long rope way above roofs of manufacturing halls, connecting historic water tower with former mining tower, rope lift and others.

Interactive game „Magic Permon“

The interactive game Magic Permon can be played alone, in a group or as a teambuilding exercise. It is up to you what you expect and, based on your expectations, you can choose the mode of the game. Speed is not decisive; decisive is accurate fulfillment of tasks and thus, you will have enough time for all tasks. It is suitable for every age group – children and adults.

An interesting prize waits for you for successful completion of the Magic Permon game – a big cube “Magica.” Thanks to a unique code, you will acquire on the sticker with a portrait of one of the six Oslavany permons; you will be able to participate in further planned events and competitions in our Permonium. The more often you play Magic Permon, the more permons and other prizes you.

Control of Permonium


  • Create an interactive control and supervision of entertainment activities.
  • Transform the vision of game Magic Permon authors into the world of IT with an interactive interface for players. The principle of the game is after seeing the task to find in the park 4 digits code, enter it into terminal and so players get following tasks. 
  • Connect the game with access system, cash desk and restaurant.


  • The easiest and intuitive control for both players and workers.
  • Robust and stable system with possibility of changes and expansion.


  • Development of configuration interface and manager for intuitive creation of game routes. Added graphic user interface for editing of routes, interface for entering the players at the cashdesk. The result is open SW server-client programmed by PHP language. The basic is a Linux server with database storing routes data and on-line status of players. The staff has a full information of players.
  • So creates new variations and statistics in games for instance fastest player. 
  • For player identification, access to park, ordering system (restaurant) has been used RFID system 125kHz. This connected all together by one player chip.
  • For communication with players it seems to the best solution displaying the data at 10“ tablets.
  • RFID readers of games are connected with system Tecomat Foxtrot by RS-485 bus. System Foxtrot is identifying the player in the game and in case of need communicates with game server.
  • Installed kiosks in park are connected with server on-line and if there is a need of starting the game, it shows a right page. 
  • System Foxtrot according to activation of inputs or program activates outputs - each entartainments and games. Foxtrot is getting information of running some subprograms from the server - e.g. sounds. Via web interface it is possible to control status of entertainments and games, do settings etc. This settings is working also remotely, what is advantage for maintenance or program changes.


  • Even it is not physicaly one system, by integration of communication interfaces RS 485, RFID 125kHz and LAN it has been created integrated control of the whole entertainment park.
  • By using proved and robust components it has fulfilled requirements for stable and robust system, which is proved by 5 years of daily operation.
  • Very interesting is the financial look at the project, because implementation with Foxtrot costed only 1/3 of planned budget for park control.
  • During the time it was proved that during one time there can play the games many tens of players without any problems of Foxtrot communication with master server.