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Control system of air tunnel in certification testing company


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: control system of air tunnel in certification testing company FIRES - Slovak Republic
  • Implemented by: SLOVTECO s.r.o.
  • Date: 2010
  • Control system: Central module Foxtrot CP-1004  + 6 x expand modules
  • Software: Reliance 4 with 200 data points

Slovak company Fires s.r.o. is authorized institution for certification, testing and inspection services for building materials, especially doors and windows. They test products for fire protection.

Qualified testing and certification helps to protect lifes and health of end consumer and public, property of people and safety of processes. The company has many customers all around the world.

In headquarters of the company our daugthers company SLOVTECO s.r.o. implemented Tecomat Foxtrot system for controlling the technologies of air tunnel. As the core of the system they did choose central module CP-1004 with expand modules IB-1301, OS-1401, 3 x IT-1601 and IT-1602. In air tunnel Foxtrot controls rotation speed of two independent engines that drive propellers for engin in chamber and engine in tunnel. Regulation of rotation speed in tunnel controls speed of air flow, to be measured at tunnel end in 9 points. Regulation of second engine controls the air pressure in chamber.  

Foxtrot measures surrounding air temperature and air temperature in every pipeline through thermocouple. Measured values are sending from PLC via ethernet interface to dispatching station. Here are visualized with SCADA/HMI system Reliance 4. From measured values the system calculate if the tested product suits or not.