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Learning workplaces with Foxtrot at High school in Brno - Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic, Brno
  • Name: Learning workplaces with Foxtrot at High school in Brno - Czech Republic, 5 learning workplaces for industrial automation, 5 learning workplaces for bus home instalaltion
  • Date: 2013
  • Control systems: Foxtrot CP-1000, CP1004
  • Software: Mosaic
  • Implemented by: Teco a.s.RamecoStroza

Management of Technical High School in Brno is expanding the school equipment so that students may learn practical and real automation tasks. And Tecomat Foxtrot has been chosen as the right control system for this project.

During 2012 they modernized learning room for home instalaltion.

Students may learn how to prepare the wires and connect all modules.Than they may program functions in FoxTool parametrization software or free program it in software Mosaic.

During 2013 the equipment of learning workplaces has been expanded with five new mechanical models controlled by electrical and pneumatic modules.