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Monitoring experiments in the Tunnel Joseph


In 2007, there was put into the operation the unique underground training center UEF Joseph there in the Czech Republic, close to Slapy Dam. UEF Josef means Underground Educational Facility Joseph. UEF Josef center is situated in the former reconnaissance tunnel Joseph. The tunneling of Joseph has been associated with the gold-bearing geological survey.

The workplace is there not only for study reasons, but also for research purposes in collaboration with business sphere.

Thanks to Centralized Development Project in 2010 entitled: "Inter-university cooperation in the development of an underground laboratory Joseph on field of storing hazardous substances and gases", it was founded SP71 in Mokrsko-west "Inter-university Underground Laboratory" (Interlab). The project was done jointly by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering from the CVUT Prague (Czech Technical University in Prague), the Chemical and Technology University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno and the Technical University of Liberec.

The workers of the Technical University in Liberec placed into the Interlab Foxtrot system to monitor on-line two experiments:

1. rocks warming

2. water level

Among the other things, just on this use of Foxtrot we may see its hidden benefits. A device, that fits together with MCB, RCD, and a small power supply into a small box with a high proof, perform both measurement and control of the experiment. It also contains the internal web server interpreting web pages stored on the internal SD card. Then just a simple plugging into a standard LAN with connected IP cameras connected to the Internet as here in the Joseph tunnel, or in the other cases directly to the router connected to the Internet wirelessly through the network GPRS/EDGE/3G.

Here Foxtrot operates as an autonomous telemetry station with a visual control, independent on the other web servers and data servers than its own built-in server..

In this case it is a PWM - pulse wide modulation of 2kW heating coil control. Subsequently there are measured temperatures at a different distances from the source of the heat. Foxtrot automatically saves the measured values ​​to files .csv. They are whenever ready for download by one click and then we may visualize and analyze them in MS Excel.