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Other interesting references


Kofola a. s. (A significant producer of non-alcoholic beverages in Central Europe): Control and visualization of the process of water pumping from the deep wells. Implemented by: ELPRO Kolin, s.r.o.

KM Beta, a.s. (Roof tile & lime-sand brick manufacturer): Visualization and control of the boiler room and hardening chambers. Implemented by: ELPRO Kolin, s.r.o.

Rendering Plant ASAP: Control system of ASAP rendering plant. Implemented by: GEOVAP, spol. s r.o.;PROTECO s.r.o.

PAL MAGNETON a.s.: Visualization and control of galvanizing lines designed for coating Skoda Fabia starters. Implemented by: AITEC s.r.o.