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Tecomat Foxtrot at EXPO 2015 in Milano in OEM version for company Regulus


  • Country: Italy, Milano
  • Name: Hot water production control in the Czech Pavilion at EXPO 2015
  • Date: 2015
  • Control system: IR-30 (OEM version of systemu Tecomat Foxtrot)
  • Software: Mosaic + Regulus
  • Implemented by: Regulus
  • Photo: Teco a.s. a REGULUS spol. s r.o.

EXPO 2015 took place from May to October 2015 in Milano, Italy. It focused on:

  • The preservation of biodiversity, protecting the environment as agriculture’s ecosystem, safeguarding food quality, safety, and reliability, and educating people in nutrition for health and personal well-being.
  • Identifying the best tools for monitoring, control, and innovation (starting with forms of biotechnology that do not threaten the environment or health), so as to ensure the availability of healthy, nutritious food and water that is safe for drinking and irrigation.
  • Securing new dependable sources of food in parts of the world afflicted by famines, where agriculture is under-developed or threatened by deforestation, desertification, or drought, or where inland and marine fish stocks are dwindling. Expo 2015: a world of opportunities for promotion and communication.

The Czech Republic’s national pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan is a modular structure built by Vizovice company, KOMA MODULAR, based on a design by architectural studio, Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects. More about the Czech Pavilion here.

Company Teco a.s. has been an active presenter at EXPO 2015 on 16th June during Czech Water Day, organized by Czech Embassy in Rome together with CzechTrade Office in Milano and Czech Water Alliance, whose member we are.

Company Teco was presented passively at EXPO 2015 by delivery of system IR-30 (OEM version of central modul Tecomat Foxtrot) to company Regulus. Company Regulus implemented the effective and ecological system of hot water production for the whole Czech Pavilion based on solar thermic panels combined with heating pump. More about it at web pages of company Regulus.