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Complex control system for a stylish bungalow - Tvrdosovce, Slovakia


  • Country: Slovakia, Tvrdosovce
  • Name: Complex control system for a stylish bungalow
  • Date: 2013
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1000
  • Software: Mosaic
  • Implemented by: iQ House, s.r.o. 

In small village Tvrdosovce in Slovakia, during last 2 years has been build a stylish bungalow in south Italian style of size 390 square meters. Each details and signs show the interest of the owner in the sun and wine, but also in modern technologies. It confirms application of control system Tecomat Foxtrot, what connects all partial components used in the house into one super ordinate system. This system – Foxtrot – gives owner of the house an easy and effective tool for control of all the building.

Control system

In this house system Tecomat Foxtrot integrates and control following technologies:

Lighting system – in the house there are many lights including LED belts, grouped in circuits and groups, so there is easy way to set required light atmosphere or scene from different places by wall switches, touch panels or phone/tablet. The lighting system is also control according to time, dark and motion sensor and security system.

Blinds – outside blinds are useful tool to decrease overheating of the house during hot summer days.  And there are lots of such sunny days in south Slovakia. They may save a lot of energy what we need for air-condition. Tecomat Foxtrot according to preset time and data from dark sensor automatically put the blinds up or down.

Heating system – the house is heated by gas boiler. Each room is independently controlled zone, which gets information of real temperature from sensors in floor and wall, compare them with required temperature set by the user in preset temperature program and heat each zone according to this values. The user has, of course, the possibility to change easily the heating program, but in the real life, this happens rarely. This change of rating program is usual in case that we change time of getting up, leaving to work etc. Much more frequent is changing of real temperature in case that in the moment we need higher or lower temperature according to our feelings.

Air-condition – this house is equipped by centralised air-conditioning system with distribution of coolness to each room. Control system Tecomat Foxtrot controls temperature according to preset day and week cycles or according to immediate user needs, so during all the year, the user cannot take care of how to heat or air-condition the house. All is control by Foxtrot automatically.

Ventilation system – in the house, there are 3 independent circuits, which may heat temperature by gas boiler. The power of ventilation system is controlled by frequency converter, which is again controlled by system Foxtrot.

Sauna – system Foxtrot controls also sauna, so residents in this house may even via tablet or phone switch it on/off or set required temperature.

Jacuzzi – this is another interesting equipment of the house, integrated to Foxtrot, so user may control and monitor it remotely. Jacuzzi is not permanently filled with water, but at any time when residents want to use it, they may thanks to Foxtrot fill it with water (of course remotely from any place). Water to Jacuzzi goes through exchanger and boiler heats it to required temperature. All the process means one click and then to wait 20 minutes than the hot water is ready for bathing.

Swimming pool technologies and solar heating of pool – Tecomat Foxtrot monitors chemical values of water and then according to preset requirements automatically dose chemicals to reach permanent clear water and right pH. Foxtrot also controls solar heating of water, as water reaches the required temperature during day and hour zones.

Irrigation of garden – the garden is separated into 11 zones, each one may be irrigated independently, according to plants in the zone. Tecomat Foxtrot irrigates according to preset program and data from humidity soil sensors.

Garden lake filtration – is another technology connected to Foxtrot. This also works automatically according to preset parameters of the owner.

Alarm and security system – Tecomat Foxtrot is connected with certified security system DSC, which sends to Foxtrot data for example from motion detectors, what may switch on the lights when we are moving during the night, what is useful when we are getting up during the night. And children love it.

Weather station – by connecting weather station to Foxtrot we get important information of present weather, strength of the wind and the direction or temperature. This data Foxtrot uses for control of heating system, blinds (put down when strong wind)  or covers the pool cover when is raining.

Cameras – by connecting camera system to Foxtrot, the owner of the house got possibility to record images from all cameras directly on SD card stored in central module of Foxtrot when are matched some defined conditions. For example any motion in rooms when the house is secured by security system. And Foxtrot is sending on-line the Picture from cameras to control pages of tablet, phone and computer, so the owner may see on-line what happens in his house.

Audio/video system Control4 is here integrated with Foxtrot too. So residents may control the multimedia system via central control pages of Foxtrot.

Letting down/up projection cloth in home cinema hall. Thanks to Foxtrot, by pushing one button there are automated many operations, which alive the home cinema hall – let down the projection cloth, move down the blinds (if it´s daylight), switch on the home cinema and set indoor lighting of hall to optimal scene. Similar control operates Foxtrot with outside garden cinema projection.

Christmas lights – the owner thinks about all details. That´s why he has connected the whole Christmas lights system to Foxtrot. It begin to work each year before Christmas and few days after it automatically switches off.

Frost protection of outsider palm trees. The atmosphere of south Italy house is created also by palm trees placed around the house. Because of geographical location of the house in south Slovakia and climate colder than in Italy, here are installed heating wires in the ground and when the temperature goes below the value, when palm trees may be damaged, Foxtrot switches on heating of wires and palm trees do not die.

Control system Tecomat Foxtrot has integrated web server, what means that all technologies connected to Foxtrot may be visualized and controlled via webpage and even remotely, of course. Thank to this platform, the owner of the house and all his family have access to all technologies and functions with all common device like tablets, phones, notebooks, TV screen etc. No matter what kind of operation system they use and without need to install special application to each control device.

Home automation with Foxtrot operates automatically all tasks according to pre-programmed scenarios and programs, which may be at any time easily changed by the user.