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Control of technologies in a loft flat - Prague


One of our end user customers and, let´s say a little bit exceptional one, is a professional musician, pianist. Mr. Miguel Fernandez. During remodeling of his Prague´s loft flat he chosen our system Tecomat Foxtrot.

System Foxtrot here controls:

  • zone heating (gas boiler is a source of heat)
  • lighting included light scenarios
  • switching of socket circuits
  • air conditioning
  • air humidifier
Mr. Fernandez is living most period of the year abroad, especially in Mexico, but anyway, during his staying at home in Prague he is playing the top professional piano every day and that was the main reason, why he asked to have a smart home system Tecomat Foxtrot. So the top piano is staying all the time in a special dedicated climate including right temperature and air humidity. And remote access to the system is giving him a full control of it.

As a professional musician, Mr. Fernandez don´t see himself as a big new technology fan. He is the only one interest is focusing on his professional playing and living in a musical world. As he is focusing himself 100% at music, he is expecting that he can believe that Foxtrot is 100% working without any bothering him. And that´s what all our customers in buildings and smart homes are getting together with Foxtrot – reliability and industrial quality of products together with a long life cycle. As well as professional quality of our products, which has been proved in industrial automation projects.

System Foxtrot has been implemented here by our customer – company EN-TECH s.r.o., which is providing a full service from drawings and projecting via implementation to an after sales service.