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Control system and visualization of the family house in Trti


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Control system and visualization of the family house in Trti with several heat sources
  • Implemented by: EVP v.o.s.
  • Date: 2010
  • Control system: 1 x Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1016
  • Software: internal web server PLC CP-1016, 11 user web pages + 3 maintenance web pages 

During 2010, company EVP v.o.s. installed Foxtrot system as control and visualization system in family house in Trti, where PLC Foxtrot controls complete heating system with several heat sources. It contains accumulation tank 300 l, electrical heating of the tank 12 kW,  fireplace stove 7 kW and solar collector Heat pipe with 20 tubes.

Operation of heating is controlled individually for each room according to room temperature (radiators are equipped with termo motion control Alpha).

SW control system contains: 

  • equitherm charging of accumulation tank 
  • flow heating of warm water
  • time heating programs for each room
  • heating program Holiday (for heating / temperation during your absence)
  • heating program Summer (heating in bathroom during summer time)
  • error and fault state ( max./min. temperature, min. water pressure in tubes)
  • fireplace stove cooling during absence of power for heating system (UPS)
  • regular data storage (temperature, operation hours)
  • e-mail sending in case of fault state
  • maintenance web pages for basic settings and corrections without knowing and using Mosaic software by user
  • remote control Mosaic

Used PLC

CP-1016[1x] + IB-1301[1x] + ID-14[x1] + BPS2-01M[1x] +  SA2-01B[9x] + termopohon Alpha [12x]
Memory card 2GB
Comunication : router ER75i (there is only GPRS network availabe) + Wifi AP (LAN)
Backup power  1000VA