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Control system of family house in Brno - Czech Republic


  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Name: Control system of family house in Brno - Czech Republic
  • Implemented: Lukas Famfulik
  • Date: 2010-11
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1004
  • Software: Mosaic

A new modern house is located in Brno-Kninicky, Czehc Republic. The house contains 3 bedrooms, living room with kitchen, 2 bathrooms, rooms for technical equipment and boilers and cellar. Behind the house is located garden house and house for pellets. In the beginning of the project, the owner required remote heating system and electronic security system with GSM gate. System integrator - company Lukas Famfulik has offered a perspectiveš solution based on intelligent electroinstallation Tecomat Foxtrot. Foxtrot has connected both systems, what simplified all installation and made it cheaper. This solution brings to the owner a possibility of more functions and expandation in the future.

System is separated in two parts. Central module and low-voltage current installation is placed in data switchboard in technical equipment room. Control of high-voltage current installation and circuit breakers are placed in main switchboard, that is in boiler room. As central module of the system they used module CP-1004. The CIB bus is wired through all the house, connected with about 30 actuators. This solution enabled to short the length of high-voltage current wires. 

System enables to automaticly switch off the lights and water pump while the house is locked. Electronic security system is securing the house, as well as garden house and pellets house. A camera system with recording is a part of security system. The owner is able to watch the security of his house also via internet. He may check, if the house is really locked and also check the situation in his house while there is an alarm there. Foxtrot also controls water heating system of the house, jalousies, gutters warming or driveway lights.

After some time of living in this house the owner asked for a fuction, that allows switch on the heating even the window is opened. Foxtrot is saving energy for heating and when the window is opened, the heating system is switched off. And it was a problem to dry wet towels in bathroom, when the bathroom is regularly ventilalted by open windows after showering. Now it needs a one button click on display and heating is switched on. But only for a time necessary for drying the towels. Then, in case that the window is still opened, the heating is automaticcaly switched of.

For the future, the owner want to integrate into the Foxtrot as well the cellar, because he want to control the environment for his turtle. And because of some electricity black outs he plan to enter the electricity generator. And of course, Foxtrot will control it.