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Smart house in Prague, equipped by system Tecomat Foxtrot is open to wide public


  • Country: Czech Republic, Prague
  • Name: Sample Smart House Prague
  • Date: 2015
  • Control system: Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1000
  • Software: Mosaic
  • Implemented by: ICT Expert .r.o.

In the house, we can be sure that system Foxtrot here doesn´t operate like remote control, but the house is equipped by a real intelligence, which controls and optimizes all technologies according to the external factors (temperature, illumination level, humidity, wind speed, power distributor tariff etc.), presence of residents and their requirements for temperature.

In this house, system Tecomat Foxtrot integrates control of:

  • lighting system
  • heating system
    • floor heating
    • convectors
    • heat pump/exchanger
  • air-conditioning
  • ventillation with heat recovery
  • shading/jalousies
  • security system
  • energy metering
  • remote control

The result of such system is a healthy environment in the house while saving the cost for operation. For the user, the system is practically hidden. He only adjusts temperature in the room by standard control devices. Overview web interface is used for monitoring of the whole operation of the house or for setting the parametrs, which adjust behaving of the house.

In case of your interest, just contact company ICT Expert s.r.o., phone number +420 417 631 131, website: www.ictexpert.cz, email: ib@ictexpert.cz and ask for a presentation.