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150 Foxtrots on-line connected to TecoRoute for the first month.

26.01.2014 | Category: News |

Within a month after the launch of the new TecoRoute service there 150 pieces of Foxtrot permanently on-line connected to. We remind you that this service allows permanent or time to time access to Foxtrot and TC700 systems over the Internet without the need for assigned public IP addresses - static/fixed or dynamic. Furthermore, there is no need for any additional hardware. Everything is integrated in the new firmware of the base module. Connection method also eliminates the need for special permission and settings access rights by LAN IT managers, where Foxtrot is connected in the LAN. Instructions for setting up and using the service can be download here: TecoRoute Service.

The basic advantages of this method of  Tecomat connection and management are:
1) There is no need for public IP address.
2) There is no need for additional hardware.
3) There is no need for adjustment the path and address translation and other parameter setting of VPN.
4) The connection is insensitive to changes in the internet - change of provider, change of address in LAN, etc.
5) Security
increasing - PLC is not identifiable from the outside.
Teco Route
Schema služby TecoRoute
The aim of the trial period is testing the stability of the service in real terms while getting the first experience with the service and feedback from users. In test mode only Czech version of the administration account will be available. The English version is under construction. But using the English manual will help you to go through the the Czech administration as well.
Users of Tecomat during the trial have the opportunity to try out the service operation and decide whether using this service brings them relevant benefits.
During the trial period, the service us free of charge. End of test run will be notified to administrators of individual accounts
by e-mail at least one month prior to his termination. Completion of the test period is expected at the end of IQ/2014 .
All data entered in the TecoRoute portal during a trial period (as PLC name and password , user name and password , ... ) will be seamlessly transferred into full operation in case of the user interest and paying the charge for this service next period.

After the trial period will operate the account on a server charged an annual subscription .
The annual subscription depends on the number of connected PLC under one account.
The pricelist is send to administrator dusring registration period.
For one or two PLC the fee is 1 EUR/month. The fee only 5 cents/month in for case of more 500 PLCs registered on one account.


Link to your TecoRoute account is here