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PLC Tecomat TC700

Teco TC700

Tecomat TC700, it is a modular control system from Teco Inc. Through a consistent integration of the international standard IEC EN 61131 and all well-proved features of present Tecomat PLC's altogether with new added features, a new product has been created which can be used for a great number of middle-sized and extensive applications in many branches of industrial automation, traffic or building installations. TECOMAT TC700 belongs to systems with increased functional reliability.


Main innovative features of Tecomat TC700 system


Higher Power

CPU modules are equipped with high-speed 32bit RISC processor. They reach the cycle lenght of up to 0.2 ms per 1000 instructions.


Smart modularity

Decentralized peripherals may run up to 1 700 meters thanks to optical connection of racks. User may use popular function HOTSWAP (exchange of peripheral modules can be swapped during operation).


Large Data Memory

Tecomat TC700 contains slot for flash card (SDHC, SD, MMC) for storage of web pages created with Web Maker, that is an integral part of Mosaic programming environment. Data are stored in structured file system.



Duplication of such items where even a small error probability can cause the critical situation is the method on how to increase the reliability of solution within the control system. Tecomat TC700 enables, thanks to its architecture, to solve the redundancy in several levels.


Perfect communication

Any TC700 configuration contains 2 independent Ethernet ports and up to 10 serial buses. There are also communication modules with FSK modems available ready for long distance data transfer with extra high reliability there. It´s very usefull in telematics.


Programming environment Mosaic

Programming and debuggin of programs for all Tecomat systems. Respects the IEC61131-3 standard. 4 kinds of programming languages. Tools for easy and intuitive creation: control circuit parameter seting, on-line programming, project storage in memory, Web Maker for internal web pages creation.


Control up to 6 axises

Motion control modules are able to control motion in up to 6 axises in different modes.


Application possibilities of TC700


Control of middle and larger technologies for heating, ventilation and air conditioning machine rooms. Measuring and control of all energy types consumption (Energy Management). Integration of the building safety elements (Alarm/Fire-fi ghting systems). Integration of access control systems doors, gates, etc. Excellent building processes coordination. Control optimization ensuring cost savings owing to lower consumption.


Comfortable debugging and maintenace of applications using a hot swap function of I/O modules or on-line programming. Power supply UPS function with the possibility of connecting back up accumulators. Memory back up. Memory card of up to 2GB capacity for data archiving and recipes storage. Increased protection of external I/O modules. Analog measuring using HART protocol. Standard inputs measuring ranges including thermocouples. Higher operational reliability thanks to redundancy functions of CPU, power supplies or communication. Decentralization of I/Os via racks of various dimensions and the possibility of their optical interconnection.


Control of up to 6 independent axes in various modes of motion coupling (Motion Control). High-speed inputs for a connection of up to 4 incremental position sensors. Period, pulse length and phase shift measuring or generator synchronizing. Support for industrial buses via various protocols (Profi bus DP, CAN, Modbus).


Mechanical design allowing the operation in the environment with pulses and vibrations. Enhanced thermal endurance at extreme conditions. Higher operational reliability thanks to redundancy functions of CPU, power supplies or communication. Special FSK modems for safe long-distance information transfer (telematics). Measuring and control of all energy types consumption (Energy Management, substations). Integration of safety elements of traffic constructions.


Variable traffic signs, Operational information device, Traffic detectors speed measurement, vehicles weighing, Accommodative, stand-by lighting, Ventilation, Physical quantities measuring opacity, Sound systems, Fire-fighting system, SOS announcing point, Video supervision signalization


Tecomat TC700 system consists of