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Security and Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control

Security and fire alarms have their rules, standards and certification/homologation according to the scope of the structure and the degree of security. For common tasks, security sensors can be connected directly to the Foxtrot system bus (CIB). For structures requiring a separate security panel, the Foxtrot system features communication channels and protocols to connect all of the major panels on the market – Jablotron, DCS, Paradox, Galaxy, Tecnolarm and Satel. It receives data from the detectors in all the zones and during the shutdown time, so it can use the information from them in constructing new and sophisticated logical conditions for the automatic control of a number of follow-up and related technologies in the house.

Access control is often combined with a security alarm. It is already disarmed by entering the code on the security panel keypad. The Foxtrot system has its own interior and exterior wall-mounted keyboards as well as RFID card readers and tags (key chains), as well as NFC tags, which today most smartphones have. The fingerprint readers are included into the portfolio on bus of the pluggable detectors. On the other hand, standard electric locks, but also more complex self-locking locks and a number of indicating elements are connected to the Foxtrot system bus.

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